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Super simple, actionable analysis and trade ideas provide safety

If you’re trying to do analysis yourself and trade at the same, chances are you are vulnerable. A super simple, easy, actionable analysis with trade ideas can reduce your risk and increase your chances of succeeding.

Prevent costly trading errors with access to expert analysis

If you are like most traders who have lost their trading accounts, made tons of mistakes during trading, then you need an expert to carry you on his shoulders. Getting all the help you need from an expert can help you prevent unnecessary trading errors leading to losses.

Commitment to improving your trading skill

By using our analysis, you’re cutting down your analysis time, focusing on your trading, reducing your risk and increasing your success rate. We’ve built the trust of our customers by being trusted by over 3,497 of them.

Not convinced yet? Here’re more reasons.

Trusted by thousands of traders

Join over 3,497 traders who trust, love, and use our forex research to guide them in the right direction and help them make easy trading decisions.

Save time on your analysis

Place trades at the best price levels daily and stay on top of your trades. Get high-confidence trade ideas and analysis with none of the work

Award winning forex research

FXTechstrategy co-won Best Technical Analysis (Forex Best Awards 2011 by fxstreet) and was a Finalist at STAR Awards (2011 by traderplanet).

Get access to supportive FX tools

Get full access to weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on currencies covered to help you make more informed trading decisions.

Full range of research products

Our 6 forex research products are exclusively designed to help intraday, swing and position traders make easy trading decisions.

6+ years expertise you can trust

Over 6 years of expertise that makes FXTechstrategy the trusted source for your forex technical research, commentary, and news.

FXTechstrategy’s award-winning research has been featured in:


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I love this service. It’s simple, straightforward and to the point. It is a back up to my own daily analysis as I prepare for my trading day

James T. Kahn

EL Paso, Texas, United States

Your analysis is improving my trading strategies everyday and now I am confident with my trading decisions

Gerald Nkosi

Richard Bay, South Africa

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