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I like the short, concise assessments about the currencies that I trade. The time frames and products fit well with what and how I trade. Plus, of course, the track record of accurate calls is encouraging. Keep up the good work – I like it and look forward to each daily edition.

Rowan Addison

Deuteronomy Trading Pty Ltd

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Here’s how Zeerak Izhar used FXTechstrategy forex research to help him make easy trades

I have been able to trade forex more frequently by reading and utilizing the technical reports produced by FXTechstrategy. The reports have helped me in many ways. One of the crucial ways is that it helps me to see the overall trends of the currencies I trade. By having this information, I am able to look for trades in a specific direction. For example: If the latest technical report on GBP/USD illustrates the bearish threat to the pair. In my trading strategy, I will utilize this information by looking for short trades on GBP/USD (short selling any rallies in the pair). Another specific way the report has aided me is by indicating where to set my stop losses and take profit targets. If there is a certain resistance or support level mentioned in the report, I usually implement that level as an indication, as to where to set my profit taking targets or points to get out of a trade in order to cut my losses. Lastly, the technical reports give me a hint regarding the leverage to take when starting a trade. For example: If the technical report is based on a daily chart, I choose a different risk level than I would when carrying out a trade dependent on a weekly technical report.

2 aspects of the reports that help my trading most
  • One of the two aspects of the report that helps me in my trading the most is the view on the overall outlook on a currency pair. Like I mentioned above, it gives me an overall sense of where the market is heading and what types of trades to look for.
  • The second benefit that helps me the most are the indicators of support and resistance levels. These levels give me guidance as for what to look for in the future if a specific level is brakes

Zeerak Izhar Mississauga, Canada

The daily analysis adds consideration of the technical analysis that is sometimes overlooked by me. It helps me determine my entry and exit positions and when to stop or close the open positions

Yosafat Inkai Juara

Jakarta - Indonesia

I use your reports as it gives clear indications of direction of Forex pairs I trade, with support and resistance levels clearly defined and have found in few months I have used your service to be extremely good. I find your reports also help me in my trading decisions in the sense that I don’t hesitate to take positions where before I would

Donald Bremner

Perth, Australia

Your technical analysis report helps re-confirm my decisions in trading. More often than not, your analysis stands correct

Sridha Rao Essar

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I like the short, concise assessment about the currencies that I trade. The assessments are well set out in terms of analysis and charts, and are clear in terms of being able to understand directional bias and short term targets. The time frames and products fit well with what and how I trade. Plus, of course, the track record of accurate calls is encouraging. Keep up the good work – I like it and look forward to each daily edition

Rowan Addison

Founder, Deuteronomy Trading, Australia

Your analysis and forecast are just unprecedented, unmatched and very unique and result oriented, and I am happy that I have taken your subscription. The amazing thing is you provide excellent market analysis in such a reasonable subscription plus you take care of your members by regular and subsequent emails, and the analyses are so accurate and to the point that I consider it fantastic

Sayed Haider

Orlando, Florida, United States

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